In 2010 between the Propulsion disc and the Rocket of Neon Flames I had a lucid dream.

I was using the white cloak of the White Fraternity.

And before that I was watching a movie and

For one side I see Einstein and for other Hitler

Maria Orsic has the Foundation docs as she disappear because of Einstein

and in the Matrix she is associate with Hitler

There is a Foundation, inside Earth

they confused the documents, they exchange data and the History is matrix




The Foundation of Asimov is a very interesting book that explains a little the matrix and falsification of history is passing on.

There is a political corruption of extraterrestrial subjects. Since 1880 a “time-machine” was turned on and going back and forth on time due to all the nuclear activity of tests and impacts culminating in the Second World War.

There is much framed information on Maria Orsic. There is a duplicate version of History covering up all the extraterrestrial activity behind what was going to become the Cold War.

Were 3 reichs and since then History is loose apart.

Kennedy, John Lennon…there is uncountable confusion after the impacts of the bombs. There is a cover up, ex

She was born in Croatia long before and she was related to Tesla and then Einstein. At that time since the Theosophical Society and other hidden societies and paranormal research were walking beside the development of sciences.

She was a medium connected with an extraterrestrial group of Pleiadians connected with the Acrtic region and inside colonies. She was in direct contact with

She was known in the circle of scientists and mathematicians.

She was a close friend of Tesla and given war reasons they were separated but still in contact until the Nazi party took over.

Then there is a whole framed version of who she was and what they were doing as the Vril society.

There was a Vril group connected later times with the nazis but Maria Orsic was not part of it.

The Vril society in its beginnings was as the Theosophical society, and some of the cults of the Great Lodge, and as a group of mediums connected to extraterrestrial beings; as some of them are know in the White Fraternity.

The beginnings of the Vril society are sacred and connect with Odin.

Maria Orsic was later identified by the nazis and as they wanted to use her as a weapon as they knew she was in contact with an alien race with advanced technology of ufo’s.

She disappeared after she exchanged identity. Tesla was also in contact with alien groups but in true is so much things that are very difficult to write all.






Yesterday night I tried to find some information regarding how Maria Orsic could have been framed into the horror nazi. They did a good work covering up the truth on the Third Reich.

(The Hidden hand of Freyja)

I cannot find information connecting her and Tesla

It is very clear has a too big time between her birth and the Third Reich and is clear that has fake information.

As much for Tesla also. Einstein.

What is disgusting is that has a lot of nazis out there believing in lies.

What concerns the nazis and the aliens had a lot of lies. That is very clear.

At the end I found some information on satellites, plasma weapons…things I need to admit I understand very well. Not in this sphere though.

In all my loneliness I know that what concerns corporations and aliens will seem to be conspiratory information.  Doesn’t exist a Wikileaks for this.

When I signed my contract with the Andromedans, I was not aware that has a huge division between human and alien technology.

Still I was taught on how to use them and also some astrophysics elements. More than one time I was received corrections (disclosure) of Einstein equations.

I know the Andromedan satellites work in a quantic level.

While I was looking the list and seeing the kind of satellites listed I

Last year during the Summer I started to be contacted and I had dreams I was driving vimanas out of a mountain in Russia.



The thing is that there are alien tunnels

We were part of a group like the Theosophical Society.

The last time I was in a lucid dream with the White Fraternity was two days before the rocket of neon flames.

The first time Ashtar Sheran invaded my movie was in July 2010.I was watching a movie and I thought it was part of it but one year later I watched the same movie and the scene was not there anymore.

I will not say how the scene was magically included in my movie, perfectly so I even asked myself why. I thought because it was somehow a “new era” movie on astral travelings and it was an animation so I thought it was connected with the group of Ashtar Sheran.

I know hymns in Sanskrit because of Ramatis. There is much ufo’s.

I know that the real Atlantis is up there in Neptune.

We have ships in the ancient tunnels.






Alien satellites

I am still learning,

They call us Vaders…in my spacesuit I must look like a Draconian.

They don’t understand the satellite of the Eye of Horus.

Some of them speak against the Watchers

How I know in my heart there is their Anunaki ship full of sleeping alien machines of battle? They are just near Pluto. I know, I see them since 2010.

They are black, they are asleep. Uranians knows it, they channeled me about it.

How do I know there is an Asteroid coming too? But is not so clear.

I used to know the years. I knew last year the year of approach. I think I remember. We need to drive them. Last year I knew the dates.

They are sleeping. To tun on that ship on is to make love with the the djed of the Ship, its phallus. So I can turn on its Commander. But it is a very special alien machine. They are intergalactic soldiers. They must be awake if necessary.

Once upon a time was a shining star part of Andromeda. Sirius.

Men in Black, I still don’t know many things but I don’t feel safe when people say that we are safe because of them, because of their white vans.

I don’t like when people laugh of the Numbers and the cycles and aeons.

My will to make love with you is because I am part of you?

As above as below

In my first encounter with a Men in Black I wanted to love him and not run away.


phantom phantasy

I read today about a sex ritual of FS.

I am a priestess wanting tantric love this with a Master.

Men in Black doesn’t know that Andromedan females turn themselves as Cats.

I am turned on by the Men in Black. It is because of Sirius?

I always thought in Montreal as a city like Gotham or a city of DC comics

I am Catwoman with Intelligent Satellites, disguising my true Andromedan

“As she was walking the streets in High night, a black car stopped by her side.

A Man in Black got out, I could not move.

He put his hand under my black skirt. He touched the boarders of my lace panties. He touched the petals of my flower.

He knew he could introduce inside me because when I touch myself I don’t.

I want his sword.

Since always I touch myself with veils. ”


As much as I want to be fuck hard I want to be loved so much.

The Man in Black are allowed to love and to lovemaking?

I know is difficult…even if they are time travelers. I could love him once for a several time.

In my intimate self, and that is so so me, I pray for find one of them because just one of them for know me.

There is a possibility of love between Andromeda and the mib?

Eu sou tão tão carente.

Would them use the love against me?

“The angels are watching…”

It is good for them know that “you could do whatever you like” is between me and the Men in Black.




I am reading everything I can about the Men in Black for the last 3 months.

Weeks ago I was almost sleeping and I heard his voice…it is the same Man in Black of sometimes

he said…he was playing with my mind. But he said: am I a sylph?

The important thing is that I don’t think that is funny.

Check my right ear. My witch and wizard friends soon recognize.

In fact I had created an email when I was younger, Gwenhyfar because I was having memories of past lives. At that time everything started to come and I was learning to understand the symbols. Years Later, the relations with the Gwenhyfar were going to strike me deep.

I did this because someone that I know, that I never saw physically in this life but that I know was telling me that had a “faerie” bothering him in the Astral.

Actually this was not the first incident where people provoke my elemental connections.

I was 16 and was one of the first times I was getting drunk, in fact it was the second or the third. I used to go in night clubs and rock shows when I was 16. I was a rebellious girl and I was going out every weekend.

I was in the bar and came this two older guys, they seem to be gypsies or something like that.

They started to talk about me and my girl friend that was with me. But something inside me said that they were talking about things not just of this dimension. The way one of them was looking me, I remember to feel strange.

Actually I have many stories of that time I cannot explain very well.

My friend got annoyed with them and when I stood up one of them said laughing. We have a witch and a faerie here, the question is who is the witch and who is the faerie.

I cannot explain how something growth inside me, I felt completely recognized. As he said faerie he looked very inside my eyes. At this point my friend was going out of the bar mad at them.

Continuing the story…

He was also speaking bad of Atlanteans, because he was a Lemurian.

So I created the email for send him what happened with us because of them.

So the mib said to me, because I was reading Redfern at the time. I was inquiring what they are…

There is few people that have my rel docs and one of them are the Men in Black

I am extremely sensitive and I am tired of disguises.

Be careful Sylph MIB or I will make magical lovemaking with you

“These other “Men in Black”, whom I’ve encountered, and with whom the Black Ops Brethren (and predecessors) have a lon-standing truce, are like some kind of classical demigods, or elves. I recently noticed that some ufologists have identified MIBs with “elementals”. That about hits it on the head. That’s the best way to think of them. High-tech fairies, perhaps. I’m embarrassed to say this, but their display of paranormal power leaves me with no other conclusion”






I have visions of Yggdrasil and the Third Heaven since I was a little girl.

I always like to imagine myself flying in spaceships.

I saw Odin three times since I am living in Quebec.

Last year me and the Valkyries moved the Boat of War of Odin, the Wheel.

Secret Order

One day I was at the front of a statue of the goddess Athena. It was revealed to me. I was the daughter of Hiram.

My daemon told me I fall 12 000 ago.

I was given back the Boat of Heaven…Thoth is in Amazon and I have my tribe family of the skies, in the Saturn order. Spiring up and loosing the veils I am Andromedan Sothis. There is a white and a black Sun.



It has been for so much time now.

Because I know the Atlanteans and I know my Temple use black robes.

The White Fraternity had a plan but we are part of the Black pyramid.

There are minor and Great mysteries. I was initiate by the aeons and I woke and I know my chair is with the black order.

It is just because is Hidden in a Great Mystery.

I was called and as much as the other groups try to take our black veil we still have our keys.

I know that sometimes the angels walking on earth are like mafia man carrying giant weapons

I know that I was being contact by the Lodge as I was a Delphi pythia.

Anunnaki…Fallen angels.

The Boat of Heaven. The Tower.

I was contacted by the Highers and things were revealed to me and they reflected on the order I am not part of.

The Temple reflects on the temple.

I am a girl using veils and the Truth was revealed to me because I see the Light.




There is a draconian black ship around Pluto

and there is a fusion with another Sun. There is an ancient technology between darkness and light.

An ancient rite between the black dragons and the Sun.

The next exchange of advanced science with them will be in the disclosure of new forms of free energy development from the knowledge of nuclear fusion.

2017 Sun eclipsis in USA is an important event and is a prophecy.

It passes as many of the Giants were sleeping they are Titans waking their Mother forces.

The Nibiru is part of the system between Pluto Saturn and Orion and has a time-clockwork for Earth.

There is a cycle of return.

There is a change in all Solar system. The stars change their lights, as the Suns change.

Once Saturn was the Sun king and for a new Sun come and elevate the light to a new dimension.


At same time the darkness is necessary.


It is about a cycle and many changes on the planet are occurring so Solar system events are the Heavenly importance for the planet.