Andromeda and Cassiopeia necklaces

I received two necklaces as a gift of the Martian.

It was given in september 2010.

After the Rocket of neon flames UFO.


They were common necklaces full of pendants but not really.

My Andromedan was silver and blue. It had a flower representing the Boreal of Andromeda.

It had coins, in on one side of the coins was the american Eagle and on the other side Queen Elizabeth II.

The side of the queen connected to the Magical Tree.

This represents the Matrix after the Second World War. I mean after the atomic impacts

The first moment I touched the coins I learnt what happened. A historical matrix of the XX century because of the nuclear activity.

Coins are very important for gypsies. Gypsies use coins as necklaces for symbolize also the representation of wealth.

The Eagle taught me about the cia and the Al Qaeda, the new Matrix.

Then it had the UFO pendants. One of them was the Roswell craft.

The globe pendant also is a famous ufo. The pendants were isolated cases of ufo’s. This necklace of Andromeda was given me after and it taught me the hidden history.

But this pendant was very strange in shape. People seeing me with this necklace were always curious about it.

I won it after I win the Cassiopeia necklace. My Orion-Saturnian. It was all made with multi-coloured czek crystals. I love czeck crystals. But as they seem to be a a normal necklace they

He gave it to me and said for me choose 89 ufos.

It was more or less the number of counts in my necklace. As i passed my fingers in the crystals I could see the type of ufo’s. Different ways to fly and uses.

Mercury…magnetism. I could see them just touching the crystals and observing the colors.

Those are not identified drones or aeroplanes. They are not identified.  In the middle of the night I won this necklace I received the first visit by a black helicopter.


Back of USSR song is what relates the person who gave it to me, the Martian in reality, with John Lennon.

He gave it to me and in my first night with it I choose my machines. It was after my contract. I then received the Boat of Heaven.

This relates to the story of the Men in Black encounter.

I was also using this necklace. The Cassiopeia necklace.

Doesn’t matter where are the parts of the necklace. The ufo’s are not connected to jewelry obviously. But they were the representation of the Boat of Heaven.

Also they don’t fly with me but they operate with the Intelligent Satellites.

It is all connected trough platforms.



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