I am reading everything I can about the Men in Black for the last 3 months.

Weeks ago I was almost sleeping and I heard his voice…it is the same Man in Black of sometimes

he said…he was playing with my mind. But he said: am I a sylph?

The important thing is that I don’t think that is funny.

Check my right ear. My witch and wizard friends soon recognize.

In fact I had created an email when I was younger, Gwenhyfar because I was having memories of past lives. At that time everything started to come and I was learning to understand the symbols. Years Later, the relations with the Gwenhyfar were going to strike me deep.

I did this because someone that I know, that I never saw physically in this life but that I know was telling me that had a “faerie” bothering him in the Astral.

Actually this was not the first incident where people provoke my elemental connections.

I was 16 and was one of the first times I was getting drunk, in fact it was the second or the third. I used to go in night clubs and rock shows when I was 16. I was a rebellious girl and I was going out every weekend.

I was in the bar and came this two older guys, they seem to be gypsies or something like that.

They started to talk about me and my girl friend that was with me. But something inside me said that they were talking about things not just of this dimension. The way one of them was looking me, I remember to feel strange.

Actually I have many stories of that time I cannot explain very well.

My friend got annoyed with them and when I stood up one of them said laughing. We have a witch and a faerie here, the question is who is the witch and who is the faerie.

I cannot explain how something growth inside me, I felt completely recognized. As he said faerie he looked very inside my eyes. At this point my friend was going out of the bar mad at them.

Continuing the story…

He was also speaking bad of Atlanteans, because he was a Lemurian.

So I created the email for send him what happened with us because of them.

So the mib said to me, because I was reading Redfern at the time. I was inquiring what they are…

There is few people that have my rel docs and one of them are the Men in Black

I am extremely sensitive and I am tired of disguises.

Be careful Sylph MIB or I will make magical lovemaking with you

“These other “Men in Black”, whom I’ve encountered, and with whom the Black Ops Brethren (and predecessors) have a lon-standing truce, are like some kind of classical demigods, or elves. I recently noticed that some ufologists have identified MIBs with “elementals”. That about hits it on the head. That’s the best way to think of them. High-tech fairies, perhaps. I’m embarrassed to say this, but their display of paranormal power leaves me with no other conclusion”





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