The Foundation of Asimov is a very interesting book that explains a little the matrix and falsification of history is passing on.

There is a political corruption of extraterrestrial subjects. Since 1880 a “time-machine” was turned on and going back and forth on time due to all the nuclear activity of tests and impacts culminating in the Second World War.

There is much framed information on Maria Orsic. There is a duplicate version of History covering up all the extraterrestrial activity behind what was going to become the Cold War.

Were 3 reichs and since then History is loose apart.

Kennedy, John Lennon…there is uncountable confusion after the impacts of the bombs. There is a cover up, ex

She was born in Croatia long before and she was related to Tesla and then Einstein. At that time since the Theosophical Society and other hidden societies and paranormal research were walking beside the development of sciences.

She was a medium connected with an extraterrestrial group of Pleiadians connected with the Acrtic region and inside colonies. She was in direct contact with

She was known in the circle of scientists and mathematicians.

She was a close friend of Tesla and given war reasons they were separated but still in contact until the Nazi party took over.

Then there is a whole framed version of who she was and what they were doing as the Vril society.

There was a Vril group connected later times with the nazis but Maria Orsic was not part of it.

The Vril society in its beginnings was as the Theosophical society, and some of the cults of the Great Lodge, and as a group of mediums connected to extraterrestrial beings; as some of them are know in the White Fraternity.

The beginnings of the Vril society are sacred and connect with Odin.

Maria Orsic was later identified by the nazis and as they wanted to use her as a weapon as they knew she was in contact with an alien race with advanced technology of ufo’s.

She disappeared after she exchanged identity. Tesla was also in contact with alien groups but in true is so much things that are very difficult to write all.






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