phantom phantasy

I read today about a sex ritual of FS.

I am a priestess wanting tantric love this with a Master.

Men in Black doesn’t know that Andromedan females turn themselves as Cats.

I am turned on by the Men in Black. It is because of Sirius?

I always thought in Montreal as a city like Gotham or a city of DC comics

I am Catwoman with Intelligent Satellites, disguising my true Andromedan

“As she was walking the streets in High night, a black car stopped by her side.

A Man in Black got out, I could not move.

He put his hand under my black skirt. He touched the boarders of my lace panties. He touched the petals of my flower.

He knew he could introduce inside me because when I touch myself I don’t.

I want his sword.

Since always I touch myself with veils. ”


As much as I want to be fuck hard I want to be loved so much.

The Man in Black are allowed to love and to lovemaking?

I know is difficult…even if they are time travelers. I could love him once for a several time.

In my intimate self, and that is so so me, I pray for find one of them because just one of them for know me.

There is a possibility of love between Andromeda and the mib?

Eu sou tão tão carente.

Would them use the love against me?

“The angels are watching…”

It is good for them know that “you could do whatever you like” is between me and the Men in Black.



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