Alien satellites

I am still learning,

They call us Vaders…in my spacesuit I must look like a Draconian.

They don’t understand the satellite of the Eye of Horus.

Some of them speak against the Watchers

How I know in my heart there is their Anunaki ship full of sleeping alien machines of battle? They are just near Pluto. I know, I see them since 2010.

They are black, they are asleep. Uranians knows it, they channeled me about it.

How do I know there is an Asteroid coming too? But is not so clear.

I used to know the years. I knew last year the year of approach. I think I remember. We need to drive them. Last year I knew the dates.

They are sleeping. To tun on that ship on is to make love with the the djed of the Ship, its phallus. So I can turn on its Commander. But it is a very special alien machine. They are intergalactic soldiers. They must be awake if necessary.

Once upon a time was a shining star part of Andromeda. Sirius.

Men in Black, I still don’t know many things but I don’t feel safe when people say that we are safe because of them, because of their white vans.

I don’t like when people laugh of the Numbers and the cycles and aeons.

My will to make love with you is because I am part of you?

As above as below

In my first encounter with a Men in Black I wanted to love him and not run away.


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