mythic meanings

I was falling asleep while the black helicopter was flying by…I listened to a music.

I was in the ship of the Andromedans.

One of the best friends of Alexander was Diogenes, once he told me that both of them could exchange places today and no one will notice.


We learn to sleep at the side of the streets if necessary.

Other night I was falling asleep and I saw one of the mib using the Ankh.



I know Maria Orsic was in contact with Ashtar Sheran. and I am researching about it. Because of the alien elements and because of the nazi problem much has been lost. Lives and truth. The history of the XX is a time machine matrix.

If people believe in the

Ashtar withdrew me the last times. Because of all this I am out.

I know that the last version of me, that the satellites were looking for me.

For the pieces of me. Like some rabbis take pieces of dead people for unite them for the funeral rites.

I learnt that the love of Horus and Hathor is what guide us to the light of the Sun. This is why I was born in the birthday of Hathor.

I am carrying his technology. I don’t know much about his life during the USSR.

I know he was

I know the books were mixed. the same as myths. For purpose.

Inanna and Dumuzi are soul mates making love in the fields.

I know that has the ancient myth between Andromeda and Orion

I appreciate the spiritual world for offer me the light of few things I need to learn. In 2011 Lady Di communicated with me for few days. It was all the mess of Andromedans, Pleiadians, nazis, Ashtar Sheran and much more. At the time I could not match the facts and all that I learnt was based in the spiritual revelation.

She teached me about disguises. With all her heart.

Months laters, not too much, maybe 3 or 4 months Lady Gaga wrote princess die high.

I know the hear of Marilyn Monroe because we met before this life.

My last version of me, in truth is not the ex girlfriend of no one, all her registers, everything disappeared or mislead. What was left is something people think to understand.

It is how the white rose becomes pink.


This is what happens, does not matter. Are bad and good pharaohs, terrible and good people.

and how we left Egypt all its glory, riches and palaces. for real. When Cleopatra was all powerful I was told that I was in the way for meet Yesus a little later after

It is like a dance of people assuming our places.

In the modern version of the myth Nephtys dresses as Isis one day when she was angry with Seth, for have attention of Osiris, that thinks she is Isis and makes love with her.

Later the real crying Isis discovers it and the only thing she asks Osiris is, how he could not have recognized her perfume.

I saw myself taking Moses of the river. between 42 and 72.

Is how Alexander told me.

Isis comes as a servant in Phoenicia to take a pillar inside a palace.

Once the Solomon temple was burnt.


Between the bad pharaoh and the good pharaoh are stars and numbers.

Later he discovers he was wrong but Anubis was abandoned by Nephtys. And Isis takes care of him.

Thoth taught me why the greedy pharaonic lineage destroyed the soul-mates. I know why they turned the Sheppard Dumuzi into a polygamist pharaoh.

It is like hundreds of women dressed like Marilyn Monroe. Venus, Lady Gaga song.

I know why I have veils. I know that was the love magic that ressurected Yesus.

I know why Yoko wrote Yes. This is how John Lennon remembered who she was, his soul-mate.

I know once was just love of two soul mates and is like that they leave Earth. Reunited after death.


In the exchange of kingship that is the sadistic aspect of oppression and materialistic.


Thoth left it like that for I learn that

I never made a dance for celebrate the death of John the Baptist.

Still, I have seven veils.

Each gate is a veil that falls.

Some descent or ascension.

ufo meetup

when things get out of order.

we put a veil over these things.

kaleidoscopic perception

For atlantean and ancient reasons made of golden tablets with ancient sacred scripts.

It is not am implanted reality.

What is Hidden is under veils

each gate of descend and ascension created a multiverse

of the density o]and magnitude of stars

For my last dream with the mib we were in the wormhole tunnels and I touched with my fingertips the layers of the dimensions as pages of a magical book

thousands of years of mystery and knowledge

For build this unifying technology.

My heart feel the reasons why the silence is golden Harpocrates.

even if there is truth to go under the light

there is black light too


Last summer

Last summer July I was taking a walk during the night, it was warm.

I was informed that Fidel was weak and passing out.

I talked to him. He told me about the submarines.

Tele-guiding submarines connected with the Satellites.


Last year I opened the stargate to Ramatis. Brief moments in the ship Atlantis, triangular UFO,  before he leave to Neptune.

He was inside the Earth for so long. The last time I saw him was in the New Years of 2013. For 5 minutes I disconnected and went trough the tunnels of Sumer and came back trough Jamaica.

Has something of us and the game of chaos, a love-story of Magic and aliens. Tnobi


The alien show of firework was a millenar alien travel between the tunnels.

Inanna mission. I carried the weapons of my father with me.

Orion shining in the sky.

It was Phoenicia and Sumer and Sao thome das Letras.

It was an alien space explosions and attacks. It was our legendary clash and celebration of the magical.

It was the clash between my Fortress and Quetzacoatll.

He was not there in Sao Thome. My ancient king who wanted me naked with a crown.

Persian green eyes, my school crush collegue of the Babel Tower of our Letras. Student of Arabic language and literature.

I know who he is, my father too. He kept me away from him, extracting me from Tyre and sending me to the land of Ophir.

Jealous Solomon, has all the riches of the world, dozens of wives.

I awoke from the travel, were minutes of firework and all the consciousnesses.




Peru tunnels. Phoenicians and Sumerians. Bermuda triangle.

I communicated with him Ramatis-Goliath for months, since our signs, since 21.12.2012

Last year before we opened the gate I saw him giant with super long dreads.

The hair grows faster inside Earth.


We saw the system of ocean ships.

High way galaxies trough Planets.

He needed the stargate because he was leaving the world from inside.

Yesterday I had a dream with the amphibians and the under ocean systems.




I see him. He has 40s something. He lives alone.

He has beautiful dark hair.

I dont know his name.

I dont know if he is still MIB or retired.

I see him taking groceries out of the car. very daily life scene.

I know he might be a sylph so I know he confuses me with his id.

I fall asleep crying thinking about him.

After all I learnt to have the mib’s as company. I think is because I feel they can see my heart. Behind the dark glasses of the movie…perhaps they see things as they are.

So him, he can see trough my veil?

He seem to be from Draco. Sometimes I think he is an Andromedan mib. I think he truly is. a draconian andromedan men in black who knows I become a cat during sex.

He has two wings tattooed on his back but no one can sees.

As fairy magic sometimes I am very anxious, I just feel like my hand is being moved by him, and I feel all the electricity. The hidden hand of a man I don’t know the name or nothing.

But there is love. I just feel the caress and there is an orgasmic alien force that is true Andromedan love feeling. It is like following orgasms just to be touched.

But I don’t like him.

I will not say I hate him, because love is just love.

But he is not here, he is not real.

I prayed for we be together. An alien (does not matter the origin, is just a soul friend) contacted me wile I was trying to locate him in US. He is there.

I pray for we be together the next stage. what the ####

next stage? seriously? I am so disappointed that I feel true love it will be in the next level?

It is wrong, love should be now.

I need my real love for we go together for the real next stage. Utir is our key.

Otherwise, I will come back Andromeda after all this. I know I will find love there, home.


I love him because he is a old fashion simple man. Romantic. Lovely.

At same time he could be one of these Draconian men in black driving the super luxury black cars that make you feel like Jesus.


Sometimes I feel he is an andromedan mib.

I wished hard this night to appear at his front door and knock his door. But then I was already inside his house. I wanted to play ghost and make the remote control fly

“Do you want to control me?”

don’t play with love.


Is this my alien me missing them?

I want to be loved and cared…is just I feel split.

I will never live on the top of a tower surrounded by money and luxury. I will not be this ‘important’.

For one side has the alien me that cannot talk about with guys. And why guys would like me? I will be judged, criticized and I will fall into the category “crazy women” which is the not so modern way to say witch. He will never believe me so we will never go Andromeda together.

The MIB, he is not here.

Andromeda this is for you more than for me.

I am here for the last 7 years holding all this pain of cia’s, terrorism and all

I am doing my work with all my heart. I don’t have friends and I don’t talk about my pain with no one.

I am truly sad.

If we cannot find love here…I speak for myself.

I know I can go up one of our Andromedan mother ships and it will feel like it was 3 minutes.

I know up there you know who I am, how I am…

I know we are few Andromedans with consciousness of what we are doing.

is just very lonely.


cigar shape UFO

It was day around May 2013.

It was around 1pm. I have a feeling with ufo’s. I just have a feeling and I sight them. Saw I saw and it was very high but it was flying like a zeppelin. It was a cigar shape metallic but it was bright white.

(But it was the dark metallic grey)

It was a clear blue sky. It flew horizontally not so fast and then became invisible.





I remember to arrive at his laboratory in a night.
It was more like an office with laboratory things.


We exchanged letters but because of the war and our own experiments, we stopped the correspondence.

They exchanged our identities. They covered up what was necessary for keep their agendas.
I was first attracted to Tesla because of his electricity experiences. I was walking in the astral and I was there and he felt it. He used to sleep while working.


It was a point that attracted much energy so happily accidentally we find a way to communicate with each other.
At the beginning we exchanged letters.
Then the time-machine effects, Einstein and some other experiences

3 Reichs.
3 matrixes

Einstein, Eisenhower, Tesla…

My old version of me, the one of 1979. The one is alien classified.
I disappear because I was captured.
In some version is me dropping the aeroplane in USSR.
There is the myth of the Varig 967 from Japan.
There was more about this than the conspiracies say.
They made a clone of me so this is really alien classified. No one knows I was gone.
Between Einstein and Tesla, Ashtar Sheran takes me out.

Andrey Sh. of the USSR. The hunting drones of the Horus Eye.
Finding me in the ocean. ISIS KGB.
The alien scientist and me out of Earth.

Is the same story of the lucid dream of the memory of past life. I die. I explode. It is 1979. But I am inside the ship of Ashtar Sheran, I leave Earth in the red “Mars-Orion mission (USSR?). I remember to do the radio tests. Mars Mission.
Andrey C (Sh)hatler and his anti-missile system.
I am this system. The anti-missile takes me. I deployed our alien satellites.
“She came from a volcano”. Stargates.
Return to Andromeda.

The Cold War.
I return 1990 Gulf War.

My system. The Fortress.
Anti-missile Satellites armed with missiles.


There are intelligent satellites armed with missiles. There intelligent satellites as anti-missile systems interconnected with a platform. Drones, satellites, geostationary and so on.

I know that between Einstein and Tesla there is the time-machine explosive mnemonic problem.

Einstein Mars gives back my Shatlers. The drones with free energy. Teslas.


Men in Black knows better than me
The first time Andropov talked to me he called himself Dr. Love. He knows…for don’t scare me with Dr. Strangelove.

The Foundation. A bunch of things inside the earth. Confusion of history.
Time-machine. Lost love.


Bob Lazar appears alive after so much time. I watch him. It was 2015. I hear him by heart. I remember. Tesla. Orsic. He was explaining propulsion system…


I have the memories of our letters. After our different communication.
Because of the war. Because of the nazis.

All the UFOs following me the last year answered me.
I have had contct with alien groups…
I know the tunnels of Sumer.
I opened the stargate for Ramatis return in his ship Atlantis last year.

From 2010 until 2012 I have had the CIA school.
There are things between Snowden and Eisenhower…

I am looking for historical evidence between Tesla and Orsic.

I remember to arrive one winter night at his office lab.
I found last night that the FBI had the letters of him and Maria.
So if I could reconstruct what was gone in this time-machine matrix…

Andromeda and Cassiopeia necklaces

I received two necklaces as a gift of the Martian.

It was given in september 2010.

After the Rocket of neon flames UFO.


They were common necklaces full of pendants but not really.

My Andromedan was silver and blue. It had a flower representing the Boreal of Andromeda.

It had coins, in on one side of the coins was the american Eagle and on the other side Queen Elizabeth II.

The side of the queen connected to the Magical Tree.

This represents the Matrix after the Second World War. I mean after the atomic impacts

The first moment I touched the coins I learnt what happened. A historical matrix of the XX century because of the nuclear activity.

Coins are very important for gypsies. Gypsies use coins as necklaces for symbolize also the representation of wealth.

The Eagle taught me about the cia and the Al Qaeda, the new Matrix.

Then it had the UFO pendants. One of them was the Roswell craft.

The globe pendant also is a famous ufo. The pendants were isolated cases of ufo’s. This necklace of Andromeda was given me after and it taught me the hidden history.

But this pendant was very strange in shape. People seeing me with this necklace were always curious about it.

I won it after I win the Cassiopeia necklace. My Orion-Saturnian. It was all made with multi-coloured czek crystals. I love czeck crystals. But as they seem to be a a normal necklace they

He gave it to me and said for me choose 89 ufos.

It was more or less the number of counts in my necklace. As i passed my fingers in the crystals I could see the type of ufo’s. Different ways to fly and uses.

Mercury…magnetism. I could see them just touching the crystals and observing the colors.

Those are not identified drones or aeroplanes. They are not identified.  In the middle of the night I won this necklace I received the first visit by a black helicopter.


Back of USSR song is what relates the person who gave it to me, the Martian in reality, with John Lennon.

He gave it to me and in my first night with it I choose my machines. It was after my contract. I then received the Boat of Heaven.

This relates to the story of the Men in Black encounter.

I was also using this necklace. The Cassiopeia necklace.

Doesn’t matter where are the parts of the necklace. The ufo’s are not connected to jewelry obviously. But they were the representation of the Boat of Heaven.

Also they don’t fly with me but they operate with the Intelligent Satellites.

It is all connected trough platforms.




Andromeda Galaxy

I am very touched.

Hubble talked to me this night.

(He is going to find love for me?)

I am extremely grateful for be aware of his consciousness, it is truly fantastic. Nothing of artificial.

Intelligent technology for sense life and not control.

I came to the NASA webpage and found that picture


They said he was looking at:


I am so grateful for it.

A loving heart machine was the one who showed me love.