Men in Black Scotland

I think is still there

the secret center of operations of Men in Black…

in Scotland. I can sense them there…

Other day coming back from the Park I saw a vintage Mercedes parked at the street.

I saw a symbol attached to the car. It was a double headed eagle with a crown.

I am very connected to the Double headed eagle for familiar reasons. My family came from the Balkans in both sides and the symbol is important for Hungarians, Croatians and Albanians.

The family of the father of my mother came from Albania and actually the grandfather of my grandfather who passed away already was a pope in the church. I have his bible…it is from 1904 and it is a whole koine greek edition from Constantinopla…


This symbol it is important for Alexander III also.

His name was pope Triphon. It is my only heritage material remaining from Albania.

I stopped to check the symbol in the car and later I researched and I discover it was the Scottish Rite Double Headed 33 Eagle.

What left me thinking is that the owner of the car must be high in the hierarchy. Or it is natural for someone  a long time inside the Great Lodge to receive this grade of honor?


Anyway the crazier was that his car was a 300 model. The strange and mysterious element is that one of the 3’s naming the car…could it be 3003 but the last 3 was upside down. I am very


This is not a conspiracy. But is classified, brain washed and Mandela effect.
Back in the 70s a block of the students housing was exploded.
Many students at the time were communist militants and some people know that before Che Guevara used to pass around and work with the movement.
The thing is that one day I slept in the house of my friend in one of the buildings. I woke in the morning with a radio saying that that building was going to explode in 6 minutes. Something like that. Was the same message over and over. I got up and went to the front of the Institute of research in snakes. Yes, there a huge institute near the campus that research snakes for antidotes and remedies. While I was waiting for the bus I heard a music of snakes, like something I never heard before. I must say that I never had this kind of paranormal perception. A couple of nights late this day I was in a park nearby and then this bizarre thing happened.
I need to explain something before.
The propulsion disc I saw that I posted before I am sure is a nazi craft.

And is important to say that was a “nazi” UFO but is not been controlled by the nazis anymore. I saw near the campus and I have my suspicions about something very strange happening there a long time ago.
I used to work in a museum on the campus that has much paranormal activity, seriously. It did not happen just with me but with many workers for many years. I will just talk about what I think is related to the thought.
One day in a Sunday morning I arrived to work and the museum was completely empty except by the guards in the front outside. No one in the offices. I heard a chorus of men singing in latin. And I knew was the Templars (I just knew it in my heart) I checked everywhere in the corridor for seeing if the noise was coming from a radio. It seemed to come from underground and the wind. I could not understand…yet I did not have learnt latin, I was not studying yet. This was in 2009.
In 2011 I was seated at the front of the museum and had a couple walking a big black dog. It was night but then suddenly by the corner of the eyes, I saw the dog as Anubis. It was like Anubis was using a black cloak, long and he was holding a lantern. A man with a dark Jackal head, Anubis. But it was a dog. He was there but in other plan using the dog as a receptacle. I cannot explain. But he barked for at least 20 minutes to the museum. I felt something…I mentally lighted some candles.
Later the same year is what happened in the housing buildings.
Continuing the story of the park….suddenly a man with very long hair, blond, he was tall and he looked like an elf. The thing is that man was Slytherin…yes the character from the Harry Potter.
I never read anything about Harry Potter and conspiracy theories, and I don’t think to exist involving it with the nazis.
Maybe it was my brain trying to understand what was happening and using familiar symbols…but has something inside me that says is not really that.
For me it was bizarre that this man appeared days after the Snakes songs…and I was receiving information about the Nazis and some bizarre things that time. In a similar way of me receiving information about the Vril last year.
I know that Nikolas Tesla and Maria Orsic exchanged correspondence but I think because of the war they exchanged messages through other ways. I don’t think Maria Orsic was a nazi.
He was furious..he was angry because he was saying that some people were thinking that us, our group, were Nazis.
This Pleiadian, this man, I never saw him again, he was not young…he could have 50 years old. He spoke German. He was using magick and many things…it was very intense. He was angry and he said something that we, and I was included because he talked about me, that we have been blamed.

Coin with a lion

I prayed and I had a revelation inside my heart.

I received something about Zechariah. While reading it I understood.

I think now I remember of where you are from.

I did not understand the lion in the coin before…

I am keeping in my heart.

It is the end of the Sabbath.

I prayed for understand who you are and I think I recognize you now.

alien theory, again

Sorry for disappoint you

I don’t have money or gold.


Who does not feel loved, who does not trust no one who prefer the invisible company of the MIB as friends because they know what I know

World, how can I say I saw a robot materializing out of nothing? How can I saw such things exist?

because of my situation I feel like I lost my tribe somewhere…

I am not an angel but I hope be working for the angels. And I know in my heart.

The heavens speak trough me, and you the mib of the rainy day.

I saw you with my third eye. You were showing me a coin with a Lion…

The Universe said to me about you. Because I prayed.

“So they answered the angel of the LORD who was standing among the myrtle trees, and said, “We have patrolled the earth, and behold, all the earth is peaceful and quiet.”

this is the peace I felt inside you…?


I pass my days watching the Matrix and re passing information to the Aliens



aliens come to Earth with empty pockets.

Humans judge others based on their appearances

Humans judges judge humans based on their appearances.

Where is the sacred order?

I am just a girl believing in the real Judges


If I was an agent I will have my bank account with money.

If I was a psychopath with drones I will be seat in a war machine corporation.

Because I know if something happens again I will die again and this time for real

2012 is gone and we come back later

Pharaohs without thrones or crowns, just for tradition

our crowns are symbols of the Boat of Heaven

Alexander III loves Diogenes with all his heart




Orion and Andromeda

I know that is possible to be with someone absent of emotions and love.
I cannot fall in love because I am in love
The thing is that I learnt that hurts you don’t be with the one you truly desires
Is just about how to observe the world
even if he was a setup, a mib, working for the Hidden hand or just a random guy
if there is possible that Empedocles explains my attraction
Andromeda Cassiopeia Saturn. Fallen. Ascending.

If I am a python, White Crystal Wind he is the black serpent.
The shock of light and darkness through love is so ancestral.
eternal return. The Sun.
I know the force, draconian, darkness…
Beyond Pluto…dark ships.
does not mean evil.
Andromeda and Orion. hierogamos.
Is there something but there is a search for love





Reincarnated Atlanteans and other initiate souls may understand as some of them recover their previous lives…

It does not matter in the material world. The precious things of our family are sacred elements that do not represent a material value


I love the magic details that bond our sacred family. Our family reflects on Earth the cosmic order.

Alexander started to talk with me years ago. Without any influence. He was the only one to give me explanations and still. To channel a spirit requires energy and Alexander teaches me. He talks trough me.

The Boat of Heaven of the Watchers

I love to discover elements about things I accessed, things I can compare historically.

Like the tale about Alexander and the UFOs in Tyre.

Alexander the son of the Sun may have received his Boat of Heaven.

I told in other post about my astral travel in which I had a memory of my Phoenician past life as an exiled daughter of the King Hiram. And who showed me that on the dream? Alexander in his russian reincarnation as the russian scientist of the intelligent satellites.It was one of the two times I saw his image as this reincarnation;

the Eye of Horus.

Saturn. El. Tower

Fortress. Boat of Heaven.





In 2012 I had a lucid dream which was very intense in details and is memorable.
It was a time travel to a memory of the past that was mixed between the year of 79 the and more than 8.000 years.
I was in a small plane and I just had this feeling that it was like when planes disappear in the air for another dimension. It was a Bermuda triangle sensation because when I realized we were water planned. It was not a crash but subtly we were not anymore in the air and that was very fast. When I saw the ocean outside the windows and I knew I was lucid in this dream I had a moment of fear and touched the straps, the plane belt for getting out. When then the door of the pilot opened and a very tall man with blond hair blue eyes and very sharp teeth appeared smiling at me. He was using pilot clothes but they were of a very vivid blue. I knew who was him, he was that Russian of the aeroplanes…then before Alexander…

He said something about he had a certain time to be there. It was like a bubble of time where it was just us in a geographical place alone with no one around.
He wanted to show me something there and it was like it was just an interruption in the travel but we were travelling in time-space.
Anyway, this bubble was on a coast and I immediately recognized it as the mountain named Pedra da Gavea.
But it was different, the energy of the place resembled very much another lucid dream I had years back in 2006 which I was in the pyramid of Palenque, where I did not have an idea of its location and archaeological importance. I discovered years later reading about something related.
It was the same sensation of to be visiting a sacred location which has a presence in the aetherial world and the surroundings are different and the atmosphere too.
It is the access to the portals of Time where is possible to access the place atemporarily and also to the memory connected to it.
I got out of the plane and I swam for a while and I enjoyed it. It was strange but the plane was floating perfectly over the water. The night was warm, the ocean was peaceful and safe, the stars were shining brightly above and it was really good just to swim for a while.When I was close to the rocks beside the coast and the high rock that is a cliff of the mountain I observed it and I was lucid and intrigued about how much presence it has. When then I touched it.
And then I saw a very large harbour and it was like tonnes, but huge quantities of gold have passed through there to tall ships.
And then I had the temporal memory that I was an exiled young daughter of the merchant king and I had the memory to arrive at the same beach, coast. And it was different but it was like a time-machine effect, and I could access the feelings I had as an adolescent arriving at that place I considered extremely far and just feeling frustrated. It was like I was going there by necessity but not by will. And it was a Phoenician harbour in a colony when king Solomon was alive and building the Temple.
But I had the sensation that that harbour was used for gold transportation much before. But that memory was connected to the king Hiram and his colonies including gold ones across the Atlas seas.
I study archaeology and ancient history and I feel fascinated when I am able to cross information that are used as evidence for this astral travellings.
Indeed there was a king named Hiram and although we don’t have a great amount of evidence for the theory of colonization of some regions of Brazil by the Phoenicians and even before by Sumerians. There is some linguistic evidence in native tales of Brazilian culture associating an outsider man, a colonizer as the bringer of civilization such as the commerce, the farming and exploitation of resources. As well with the written system. Actually, there are many things on the antiquity of the southern Americas about their development and exchange with other cultures.
The original myth of the people known as Tupi, which is the mother tribe of Brazilian culture is that there were peoples that emigrated to Brazil after a great

In a similar way as is being more and more evident the exchange between the native cultures of North America with the Norse and “Vikings”.
In Amazonian culture and the ancient Tupi is there a whole linguistic theory which compares the Sumerian with the ancient Tupi. Again there are mythological associations in both cultures not only as the same signs and identification of the nature forces with deities but a parallel linguistic use for concepts. There is much in the archaeological material in Brazil in the region of North. From pictograms, rock arts, petroglyphs, craft art and clearly diggings and material remains. There is so much on the ancient history of Brazil that involves not only cultures of the Amazonian region that were there 10.000 BC but as well their connection with other peoples coming from overseas.

Years later I discovered that the Pedra da Gávea is also surrounded by ufo and strange phenomena of some witnesses experiencing paranormal activity.

There is much associating the shape of the rock with a Phoenician Art royal iconography and written system that are part of other evidence found around the country as well in the coastal north pointing to peoples coming from Mesopotamic regions. There is a period of time in which these peoples may have created routes and that knowledge was passed trough few generations until the Modern history of Colonization.

I am having a mixture of feelings tonight. I have a date tomorrow night and I am not sure if I should go.

It is difficult to be in love with all this escapism.
It is something inside my heart that wishes to say to the men I saw during the rainy day, that if I could see him again…
my dear man in black, it is all dangerous I know

I was asking myself that I should wake of my dream and have the date
forget about him
It is like I am waiting for a sign that could say to me if I should not go to the date. If I should keep with his energy somehow
I am not sure anyway if the Men in Black truly exists…
Is just that in my need of love I keep thinking about my connection with the Men in Black