I don’t have any memories of being abducted tough.
I’m not saying I was not abducted during all my sightings. The Rocket UFO seems to have had a great effect upon me.

But one night I was at my mother house, this was in 2012  while I was living with her.
I was on the bed almost sleeping when I felt frozen, I could not move. I heard two voices, they were very metallic voices. They were metallic, not very computer voices. I heard them saying inside my head “She is Andromedan”. Immediately I felt released.
I don’t know who they were. I remember to feel that something of this world was involved. I remember to think someone or something sends them to this to me. I remember to think this soon after they were gone. Immediately after they said that I felt my body unfreeze and they were not there anymore.

Andromedans have great respect for the aliens some people call Greys. It is said much about them. I always believe that many horrific stories of abduction and all. I suspect has much more human activity behind it than only alien groups. If the greys were cloned and kept on earth for doing bad things, they are then being somehow enslaved by human groups. The ‘alien’ interference is this. It is about control, it is about domination. But this is about the humans too. Some humans do this. Any attempt to hurt, harm, invade any kind of life is a crime, this is an Andromedan law.
If there are groups that enslaved greys for doing their macabre experiences, there is much human responsibility for this, and they are not only harming humans but aliens too.

This is why I still ask myself about this almost abduction contact.
I remember to think about it. I felt so much that these beings were not there by their own will.

Andromedans and other species are working for the freedom not only of humans but many other civilizations.
We cannot know the interest of all the alien groups here, but many groups have their history of domination and control and we must feel empathy, compassion and love.
Many alien civilizations are structured like us, their families could differ from biological aspects and all, we cannot apply our sociology to their life mode.
We are not alone, they are not alone.


This is why I inquiry often about the nature of the Men in Black.

I told at another post that I saw UFOs more than 20 times, 3 times were with other people.

I will tell the first time I saw ufo’s with other people
I had a couple of gay friends who were very close to my ex-boyfriend. This was when I was 18 and before the rocket ufo.
It was at the beginning of that same year. This couple invited me and my boyfriend to pass the holiday in the house of one of their parents in the very country of the state of Sao Paulo.
I was very into the ufology already at this point. I remember to spend some time talking about it with the couple there.
We were staying in this house far from everything, in the middle of the countryside. The both of them were very sceptical about these things, both were PhD science people, one a biologist the other a chemic.

One night we decided to go up a little hill and watch the starts. I was very excited at the time, I started to say we were going to watch ufos. They laughed at me saying they don’t believe in such things.

After a while watching the sky, there they are. I don’t know what I have, my ex-husband knows this. My boyfriend at the time was very sceptical too and loved to make jokes with my ufology researches and UFO magazines. I just felt I can attract ufos.
In 2010 I did no know this very strongly but was always inside me, perhaps because I truly believe in them.

I was observing the sky when I saw little balls, smaller than starts moving, I thought could be satellites but I watched more because I knew they were there. They were flying so so so fast. They were crossing the sky extremely fast and then I told them. They stopped for a while and looked to the direction I was pointing. I don’t remember how many but were about 4 or 5 of the small points crossing the sky at full speed. Amazingly one of them stopped and stayed stopped for a while when two other started to do curves and things planes and satellites don’t do. And they were flying very close to each other although the distance between them probably was bigger, they were a group.
My friends and ex-boyfriend were in shock, they said they could say what was them and they never saw this kind of thing. We watched the small balls, and I call them like that because we were in a high altitude city surrounded by mountains so we have the impression the sky is very more high, especially because we were relatively far from the equator line which makes the stars look bigger.
After a time the one which was stopped fled in high speed and they disappear of our vision. but was amazing how much distance they could do. they were so so high, they looked like orbs.

I was so happy that night and I laughed saying to them now they have the proof.
This night is important because mark a time I was not aware of many things but I knew I have this ‘gift’ for find ufo’s.
I say I saw around 20 times but in fact I know everytime I can seat in a good sighting place and stay there for a while I am able to see them again. If I count the times I made this alone I saw much more than 20 times.
I don’t count the flying balls as sightings.
I lived in the country of Quebec for two years and a half and many nights I seat alone for watching them in the upper sky;
I know they are intelligent orbs and I know I can see them moving.

I did that many times, sometimes I was saying to my ex-husband I saw and he was not very happy. He believes in ufo’s and he researched this subject as me. Actually we met each other in a group discussing about ufology. Yes, I married a ufo researcher like me. Today we have different opinions about their presence. I remember to hear him complaining saying that I was attracting them. So I stopped to tell him I could spot them up there.
I will tell the sightings in this place of Quebec in other posts, but the times that were not the nights I was sitting looking for them but they appeared without I preview. Two times they were fantastic.

Alien invasion

Once the extraterrestrial intelligence is disclosed, there is no alien invasion

Aliens do no want contact. But they interfere.
Invasions happen all the time, they are still engaged in activities on Earth
everybody covers up

So there is a laughable illusion that we are alone on Earth


Boat of Heaven

I feel you inquiring about me.
Intelligent Satellites informed me

The person who gave me “back” the Andromedan technology, one of the few Andromedans on this planet, was way more into geopolitics than me. I think it was due to all his advanced knowledge of astrophysics. Einstein somehow ended with politics. Thankfully I just know the alien version I don’t know all the matters of the ex-USSR and US. He has two versions for his flying machines. He told me he got the sovietic Intelligent Satellites of a Russian scientist. I heard from other people that this man when was younger went in Russia and travelled a lot. But I personally don’t know. Our connection was alien motivated. Anyway I could learn how to use the technology although I am still learning. I saw him moving his things in many ways. He has access to this powerful technology and his satellites look more into the “attack” than the one I used. Anyway I learnt some ways to calculate nebulas and some space-travel things he taught me. I think should be strange when two Andromedans meet each other on planet Earth. He recognised me as I recognized him. He said I gave him the exact measure of the distance between Mars and Earth, probably one of my Vril sibila moments. He said his satellites informed him who I was. Anyone who sees him will think is schizophrenic his associations as he tries to continue anonymous somehow, he looks a crazy old person. But the people who really knows him he runs jets and things I cannot explain know he is involved with politics and military things.
I know that he kept “weapons” and they work by themselves, they are intelligent although not A.I. I am glad somehow because these flying machine and stuff always gave me the impression that they use advanced technology still disclosure. Still, I know some of their engines run trough nuclear fusion so this is why is delicate and dangerous. I suppose is strange when two Andromedans meet each other, and it was. Are around 100 Andromedans right now on Earth working with their agenda, I know the number is lower than 100 but we cannot say for safety. They are not politicians or super rich people, although some of them have political connections. The Andromedans are more discrete and humble and are working in different aspects. I am only me in Canada for what I am informed. I am aware of some them around out there, but we have a kind of regional way to act. My contract with the Andromedans doesn’t make a sense of geopolitical border but works on defence to the nuclear threat. I carry the Boat of Heaven for this reason. It is known that the Andromedans are involved on earth because of the nuclear activities. But is since the 50’s and has much more about the Spacial competition of the cold war and Mars than I can inform now. My Boat of Heaven is an interconnected system that works with platforms on Intelligent Satellites. If there is a risk this system can interfere with missiles and things because they are a system of Intelligent Satellites, geo stationaries and aeroplanes Watching my territory. This is one of their functions and I don’t cover it up with politics. I am just a student and the main reason of my life is to love and evolve. I know part of my Andromedan function is that to love and to be this kind of I carry the Boat of Heaven for the Watchers and I know my senses and responsibilities grow bigger while I grow up. I got out of the politics. A few years ago I saw it all. I spend days and days hearing shots as the Syria War was just beginning. Sirius was involved in the organization of the souls and lives lost at this horrible war. It will seem crazy but one day in 2011 I got super mad, it was the start of all this tragedy. I was screaming for all this military to get out of Syria, I screamed it like a crazy girl. Alexander III was in contact with me and I got somehow informed of Lybia Egypt and Syria. I don’t know, I arrived here in Québec and for the first time I saw my name Isis been associate with terrorism. I am still chocked with it. Is so so sad. I still don’t have all the consciousness of the other Andromeda who gave me but I am learning. In part I know I am carrying the Boat of Heaven for an old Egyptian tradition and this technology has connections with Saturn, Orion, Mars, the Carians and Alexander III. It could be an amazing historical science fiction book. But it seems crazy to talk. I try to get too much into politics because is complicated. Earthlings still don’t know but aliens keep the anti-missile systems on space and they keep surveillance over many leaders and official important people. I have information that one among the Men in Black is an Andromedan, which is super cool and makes sense. I could learn how to use the technology although I am still learning. I saw him moving his things in many ways. He has access to this powerful technology and his satellites look more into the “attack” than the one I used. Anyway, I learnt some ways to calculate nebulas and some space-travel things he taught me. I think should be strange when two Andromedans meet each other on planet Earth. He recognised me as I recognized him. He said I gave him the exact measure of the distance between Mars and Earth anyone who sees him will think is schizophrenic his associations. But the people who really knows him he runs jets and things I cannot explain.
I know that he kept “weapons” and has much involvement with the technology on space right now and Mars is something important. I know his technology is alien because they change, they are kept and they are not controlled it by remote systems.
yesterday I was wondering on the bed about many things.
The Andromedans work on earth and they don’t expect that humans contact them. Is still not close the full disclosure of alien life once the Earth still is in need to deal with their intern problems. Something important, no nuclear tests are allowed on space and this is extremely forbidden, this is why Andromedans are here. Humans of Earth are not allowed to live elsewhere for that reason until they are able to move out in peace. Mars is totally aware of the earthling attempts to try to invade their territories but something is the real mission other thing is the NASA theatre.

truth seekers don’t need to shut up

I got one of you more upset and serious this morning. Yesterday I catch a doubt about my love


How can you my dear Men in Black doubt of the Andromedan love?



I read that you have a a group of gypsies among yourselves. So this is the new business of the great balkan family? to investigate ufo sightings and stuff? awesome! I have gypsy balkan ancestors too in both sides of my family. so we substitute our caravans and music for, wow I have many insightings why gypsies are the best mib. Ederlezi  ederlezi


That is so like me. I feel like this alien gypsy with a Boat of Heaven using black dresses.

Catch me if you can

I can see beautiful dots flying in the sky every time I look for them.

Because they know I look for them.

Intelligent ufo’s disguising as stars, observing us. Sharing themselves in two and so on.

But officially I saw a strange dot two weeks ago from my balcony here in Montréal, a strong one flying and stopping and flying again and then disappear. Should I report it? Come on the sky is a free zone and is full of Boats of Heaven.


The Watchers, and the watchers. Which the Men in Black are part of?

alien love

From the last days, I am thinking a lot about my narcissistic generation. It has been difficult to fall in love for the reason that I need to maintain the lie somehow. I cannot speak about my contact with the Andromedans and their technology on earth.  I don’t know how to explain but last year I had the telepathic contact with the Men in Black moments before something very upsetting happened. I was contacted by them moments before and many things were meaningful in this contact. First, they tried to warn me about what was going to happen, and I did not truly get it until it happened. I don’t know how they did that but the contact was very strong and thanks to them, it was 2 of them, I was calm when that happened and while happening I followed their instructions. I am involved with the Andromedans since 2010 and I felt that they knew it, actually I felt they knew much about me. The aftermath of this upsetting moment is the explosion of the SpaceX in September. Is amazing the butterfly effect of the aliens, a seem to be a common girl a bit nuts talking about the sondas of NASA and being laughed, days after that rocket explodes. Coincidence for earthlings, alien business for who know it. Anyway, I am this common girl that is seating watching “common” aeroplanes move in formation. Yesterday I saw them on a formation, triangular and red. Andromedans also have their weapons.
I am thinking about love and sometimes I have moments of powerful empathy. From my experience with the MIB, I need to say I would feel way more comfortable with their presence. I had a dream with them one month ago and it was so good to feel free for talk about all that with them. It was going to be a relief to speak about the Andromedan technology without feeling the earthling disappointment. I said before that I respect the fact people are not into alien stuff but for who experiences contact is frustrating.
I was thinking that I should love and date a Man in Black for this and other reasons. I mean it seriously, of course if they have hearts. Imagine how great would be to talk about what I know openly and even have a feedback. I believe in mutual healing and love seem to be necessary for different kinds as love can unite. I am not sure if the Andromeda is their type or for this reason they keep far from me. Perhaps they don’t walk in the region of Québec, although I know they are not exclusive of US.

Anyway, I felt truly covered up that day of the upsetting event. I wish to say how I am glad because they were mad about the things that were going to happen. They were angry with that people. With all on Andromedans, sightings I always felt lonely. And I still feel. I am dealing every time better with it but that day I not only felt recognized by them in my intimacy. For this reason, I say they have a soul. I do not know if their love matters involve having a girlfriend or wife who passes peanut butter and jelly in their toasts every morning. Maybe they are too busy for love because they are working hard on all the kind of strange and bizarre cases. But if they have a soul they can love. They should, must cause a lot of stress all that things.